Sunday, April 17, 2011

Always toward absent lovers love's tide stronger flows

To say that my husband and i are never apart is an understatement.
In the almost 10 years we've been married i don't think we've ever spent more that one night apart, and even that happens very rarely.
Well, this is one of those rare occasions.
It's Sunday and Allan is in Hamburg to hang out with friends and see a show.
He'll be back tomorrow night, so it's no big deal, but i still miss him so much already.
Sad, i know.

After Allan left, i spent a few hours listening to music while doing laundry and Sunday cleaning, and later me and the temporary man of the house, Lucifer, went for a walk around the lakes.
I had a bag full of bread for the ducks, but apparently i wasn't the only one who'd had that thought, cause the ducks were not hungry at all, and the lake was full of old bread.
I ended up tossing mine in the trash, the lakes have enough crap in them since the city for some reason stopped cleaning them months ago.
So instead of feeding birds, we walked and i took pictures of them.
And yes, for once, i brought my camera!

The swan from this post was busy expanding her nest
They look so sweet, that you sometimes forget how vicious they are
See? Adorable! (Seconds later she hissed loudly at Lucifer...)
Three cozy eggs
Ok, there's always room for just one iPhone picure, right?

On the way home i saw these

Free for a lucky size 42, which is, sadly, not me

And on my street there was this (when i came back later, there were people sitting in it)

In spite of that whole missing my stupid husband thing, i'm having a pretty good Sunday, and i suspect it'll only get better when Helle comes over for movie and burger night.