Saturday, April 9, 2011

High pitched howls

This morning (in normal people time it would be afternoon, i guess) i talked Allan into having our morning coffee (or in my case; chai) by the lakes instead of at home.
So we picked up our warm beverages at the café and rode our bikes down to the lakes, where we sat by the planetarium and soaked up the sunshine.
It's still not warm outside, not yet, but it's getting there.
It was so nice out that we ended up going home to park our bikes, so we could walk some more. And eat. That too.

Lucifer fell madly in love with this pretty, and patient, muscle dog, and spent a good hour trying to mate with her thigh (and back, and knees, and head) while we chatted with the owner

It got so bad that we had to pick him up whenever other male dogs walked by, and when you do that to Lucifer he, well, he howls... like you can't even imagine!

The sound is hard to explain, it's like 50% hysterical dog, 50% wounded seagull, but in any case, it's 100% hilarious!

After Lucifers girlfriend left, we continued around the lake, so our little Casanova could cool off

This angry bird was nesting, and wasn't about to let anyone come close

We got pizza slices on Istedgade and ate them in the sun

Tonight we're eating leftover lasagna and watching Kill Bill... i am having a spectacular weekend so far!


  1. WHAT!!! Comments back!! YAAAY!!
    Hurra for lille horny hund! Hurraaa for laaaaang (some i over en måned) weekend med kone!!

  2. Pis! Jeg glemte at slå dem fra!!

  3. I love the picture where he is looking at Allan. He looks so sad and very 'dude, how could you do this to me?'

  4. Ha ha, jeg så ikke engang, at den var on! Skal det være blog relateret, eller må man bare rante derud af? Jeg har mange ting at sige om mangt og meget, ved dog slet ikke, hvor jeg skal starte!

  5. Comments! Lucifer! Sunshine! Chai! Pizza!

    So many good things.... Oh ya, and you guys too! ;) <3

  6. Bahahaahahahaha, this is hilarious! Funny little puppy.

  7. Lucifer looks soooo cute. Hahah

  8. yay comments!

    Aww poor lucifer. what a pretty dog!

    i think he looks like he's singing on the second pic!

  9. Hurra for comments!!!

    Don't tell anyone about this but maybe I might just be missing the death squeal of high pitch doom! Maybe ... Just maybe!

    P.s. 33% screaming Down Syndrome baby/33% drag tire Burnout/ 33% wounded flock of seagulls!

    I miss you!
    China says hi!!!

  10. yay, comments are back!
    those pics of desperate Lucifer made me really laugh(sorry, dear little friend:), you could make a video next time!