Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Channeling Joan Collins

Yesterday i noticed something awesome and unexpected; my nails have gotten long.
After removing my gel nails in January i had to cut them down and just ignore them, and hope for a quick recovery.
Well, it wasn't exactly quick, but they seem to be doing ok now, and since i am neither wearing gloves, nor stabbing myself in the fingers daily when making hats, at the moment,  it seemed like the perfect time to glam them up a bit.

I did some pretty simple two-tone (one tone being my actual nail color) nails with coral and gold (i know, so last season).
I'll go more fancy next time!

The "hail Satan" nail is the result of an unsuccessful gradation experiment that needed covering

A couple of hours and about a trillion layers of top coat went into this

Just because i haven't made hats in a week, doesn't mean i've stopped stabbing myself, now i just do it with my own nails... i'm what you'd call a genius

Revlon polish, Gel Look top coat from Japan, and lots of Dry Kwik from Sally Hansen

If i'd gone to japan, this is the type of stuff i'd be stocking up on right about now.
When i do get back to Tokyo, i suspect my shopping list will be longer than ever!