Thursday, January 13, 2011


Who would have thought that gel nails would be bad for your actual nails?
Not having had my nails done professionally before, i didn't know, but i sure found out when i removed the kitty nails i had done in Japan.
I seriously had to pry the gel off with a sharp object because nail polish remover didn't work, and underneath the gel my nails were broken and brittle.
Some actual nail even came off with the gel. Harsh.
It was still worth it though, having fancy kitty nails, but next time i probably won't keep them on for that long.

I had to put on several layers of polish immediately after the removal, to hide the damage
The process
The kitty nails, in case you'd forgotten, or didn't see them the first time around

Allan is working from home today, and even though i planned to go to work, it's hard to go outside in the cold, gray weather, when the inside is full of Allan, Lucifer, warmth, and Nina Simone.
Maybe i'll make it there, and if not, i'm sure that'll be ok too.


  1. I'd love to get my nails done, but the chemicals, fumes and UV dryers are so terrible for you, you might as well be sitting in a tanning bed, smoking cigarettes and eating velveeta! They look great though :)

  2. I had my nails done professionally ONCE. I still to this day don't know why because given the chance I am a terrible 'picker' and would bit my nails down to my knuckles if I could. I am always so envious of people that have nice nails, so I got them done. Well, within 2 hours I had pulled one off, which looked ridiculous. Over the course of the week they all came off, and I had stumpy little half nails that looked awful and took ages to come back. This was a long time ago though and probably weren't done as nice as yours, but I didn't realize they have filed what little nail I had down to uneven stumps to make the fake nail have something to stick too. Urgh, never again for me!

  3. sweet naildesign! ;)

  4. det eneste der hjaelper paa oedelagte negle efter at have haft fine falske paa, er at file dem og give dem luft.
    Og spis Kalk og D vitamin.
    Mine var oedelagte i aarevis til jeg begyndte med kalk og D vitamin.

  5. Lesson learned! The hard way... jeg har været igennem det samme og det er desværre først NU, ca. 6 mdr. efter at de falske negle blev taget at, at mine egne er nogenlunde normale igen... ØV!

    Tale om at lide for skønheden...

  6. I think you're supposed to let them grow off, so your nails are healthy when it's done. This, of course, could never work as that looks ridiculous, which is where all the money is made for doing fillers...

    They did look awesome though.

  7. My sister removed her gel nails herself and got exactly the same sorry result as you over the new year. She was laughing at herself, though! The picture of your Hello Kitty nail makes me wanna have one on mine, too...but I love your Hello Kitty tattoo way more.

  8. whoah - I had no clue gel nails were bad either! At least they were cute - I hope your nails heal up ok.

  9. Anonymous, what, you're saying that smoking is bad for you?!?

    Alex, that does sound like quite the terrible experience.
    These weren't fake nails though, just a million coats of gel on top of my own, so at least they couldn't fall off!

    Anika, All credit goes to my Japanese homegirl, i just sat there!

    Anne Lindfjeld, Tak for tips, jeg får vist ok med kalk i maden, men jeg tager masser af d vitamin.
    Jeg burde nok give dem lidt luft, men jeg gad bare ikke kigge på det flossede lort lige med det samme!

    Marian N. Larsen, jeg tror/håber nu ikke der går helt ligeså lang tid med mine, da de allerede var vokset halvvejs ud da jeg pillede geleen af.
    Men ja, at lide for skønheden, det kan vi da finde ud af!

    Corey, it was already starting to look ridiculous, like really advanced french tips with nothing underneath!
    They're gonna be a little weird for a while, but it's still totally worth it!

    aixxx, yeah, i'm not taking it too seriously either. It was fun while it lasted and i'll probably end up getting them done again in april.
    And i agree, the tattoo is even better!

    San Smith, Judging by the comments, actual fake nails sound even worse. I guess none of it is really good for you, but it's still fun to try once in a while. Like hair extensions and stuff like that!
    I'm sure they'll be ok.

  10. I love the glad glitter nail polish - where did you get it from?

  11. i love the kitty nails!! ;D
    unfortunately, my nails look pretty awful if i dye them ^^

  12. Ria, no idea, but Japan would be a good guess.

    kaede, all nails look good with a little bit of kitty on them!