Friday, April 29, 2011

Catching up

Ok, obviously it's been a while, so i'm not even gonna try and figure out what happened where and at what times during the last week and a half, cause so much has been going on lately, but to get things rolling, here are some maybe random, maybe chronological, pictures from last week when Cancer Bats where staying at our house.

On their first day here i made brunch for the whole gang, plus Eckel who was finally coming home from Thailand

 After brunch and hanging out, we went to the venue with all the gear, and Mike made sure Lucifer got the best view of the van

From the venue we walked to the shop, and me and Lucifer split from the rest of the gang to go to the favorite park

We met this guy who took a walk on my arm! Awesomeness!

At the shop, Allan tattooed Stan while me and Lucifer chilled on the couch

We went to the Rock around 11 to see the guys play... and i take excellent concert photos with my iPhone... oh yes i do.

Can you handle the evil?

No, you can't

I don't think we did much after the show but watch movies and eat ice cream, so here's a picture of me the next day, at the coffee shop... look how warm it is!

And here's Lucifer at brunch 

Me and Eckel had ice cream

So did Liam, in fact he had the most giant spoonful of ice cream in the whole world!

The guys left and it was so very sad to see them go, so to feel better, we went to the park hang out in the sun before leaving for the country

Ok, more blogging coming up soon, but first i have to go buy some soup so me and Corey can kick our cold, or at least feel like we're doing something to get rid of it.
Yes, Corey is here now. I told you lots of stuff had been going on!


  1. bedste billed post!! Fiiiiiiiiiin!!!

    "Like" med tommelfinger op og det hele

  2. Lucifer is such a snugger :) very cute


  3. Haha! I like the giant spoonful of ice cream.

  4. Uncle Allan, hehe, jeg tænkte nok at du ville kunne li den!

    Kamelia, he's the snugliest!

    nova, we do those all the time, like, giant straw and giant glass, but i think this is the first giant spoon we've done!