Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunday (or Roskilde part two)

Ok, so i'm going about this Roskilde post thing a little backwards, hope you don't mind.
It's not even cause i have a billion pictures, it's just that with these super long and busy work days, and the humidity, my brain is a little fried.
So, here are some sunday photos.

And i'm trying to remember what bands we saw that day, i think it went something like this:

Eagles of Death Metal
M. Ward
Little bit of The Bronx/ little bit of Madness
Not enough of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (we were tired and there were too many people, but they were so good)

We (me, Allan, Wookie and all of our house guests) started the day with brunch buffet on Vesterbrogade
Then tragedy struck, we'd only left Stanley alone by the van for five minutes and he just OD'd right there on the street... Vesterbro life is hard, man (easily offended? Just keep scrolling)
Traffic jams aren't so bad
Eagles of Death Metal played Orange stage, and they were good, they're always good
Look at those awesome German Roskilde Vets!
It's hard to get everybody in one shot...
I also made an attempt to get us all in there, but my arms aren't that long
Getting just the two of us? Easy!
M. Ward. He opened with Poison Cup and i almost started to cry a little

Sunday weather was much colder (still friggin hot, though) than the two previous days.
We had a great time, but after our weekend guests left, and i'd seen the show i really wanted to see (see above picture) we kinda just felt like going home.
So we were back in Copenhagen to drink a night latte at Riccos, and pick up the dog, around 11 at night.
Good times though, if any band out there wanna trade tickets for a sofa next year, i just might be up for it!


  1. Sove i egen seng, spise bruch, Roskilde, repeat. Den kunne jeg godt være nede med!!

  2. Det er den eneste måde fra nu af!

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