Monday, November 15, 2010

Same but different

I haven't done much clothes shopping (yet) but i did get a new coat the other day.
It's army green, has a giant hood, and a warm removable lining.
You'll see girls all over Tokyo wearing variations of this coat, but, as you may or may not already know, this is the one place in the world where i don't mind following mainstream fashion.

It is still warm enough to wear shorts here, except of course today where i got caught in the rain in the middle of Harajuku (i shouldn't have removed that lining after all)
(Coat: Lowry's Farm, Tights: Hanako, Shoes: Vintage shoes i left at Inkrat a year ago*, Top: Vintage, Shorts: Old, used, cutoff jeans, Bag: Margaret Howell via Spring Magazine)

I've wanted a pair of white tights for a long time, unfortunately my scabby leg has already damaged these

I have all these funny pictures on my computer already, so i think i'm long overdue for a random-awesome-crap post.
I'll see if i have time tomorrow, right now i'm gonna head back to the shop and see if the boys are ready for dinner.

*Leaving items in a different country for an extended period of time is kinda like extreme basement shopping!


  1. Wonderful outfit. Really...I like it.
    My legs are damaging all tights so I stopped wearing them too often, not to be completely broke soon.

  2. Cute outfit! Sorry your tights are damaged already :(!

  3. Hi Amelie! Looking great! I see you are in Tokyo and having an awesome time! Love the pictures! Please let me know if you'd like to hang out!

    Have a great time in Tokyo!


  4. Hej Amalie,

    Tillykke med parkaen (som forresten også er top trendy i DK denne vinter :) )
    Jeg håber I nyder Japan.

    Hilsen Henriette - som også er den lykkelige ejer af en grøn parka med pelskant som er indkøbt før jeg opdagede at det var trendy...

  5. Joe's blog, thanks!

    San Smith, that's ok, they were cheap and i can get new ones!

    ros, i'd love to, maybe next week?
    I'll send you a mail!

    Henriette, satans, jeg troede lige at jeg havde opfundet noget her! Men det har man desværre sjældent!