Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All is love

Weird day today.
Weird, but not bad, like most Mondays.
We went to bed late, so i've been like a zombie all day (which was quite fitting considering what was going on in the work room) but a productive zombie nonetheless.
In addition to my usual chores and tasks, i gave my sterilization room a makeover, and put up some shelves and stuff up in the front room.
I feel good about that.
I also had some nice talks with the guys, and went for a coffee-and-lunch-run with Allan and Lucifer.

Another good thing about today was the weather.
It was mild and for once i enjoyed riding to work.
I only wish i'd taken Lucifer for a longer walk.

Today i wore an 80's leopard print shirt that i found in my fabric box yesterday
I think it may have come from my Allan's mom, but i'm not sure
This is a hat i've been working on while i'm waiting for a really good idea... i still feel oddly uninspired, so i'm not sure about this one yet



  2. Taaak, den er faktisk pænt awesome! Jeg har været ved at klippe den i stykker 1000 gange, men nu er jeg glad for at jeg lod den være i fred.