Friday, September 10, 2010


I had a much needed day of awesomeness yesterday.
Good times, good food, good company.
It was a drawing day, which for me means all-day crafting marathon, and lots of time to hang out with the guys.

Before going to work, we received some car accessories in the mail
Poor-quality-nerd-bumper-stickers rock!
I do love him so
This is not a muffin, this is THREE muffins, spliced together... yes, it is the Frankenmuffin!
As we were still swallowing our last pieces of muffin, Young came by to offer us a piece of her magnificent birthday cake
To be honest, we all felt a little bit like Totoro looks after eating this
I've been working on this one for ages
But the sushi hat is done
My shelf
Yes, that is a tiny hat box...
... and a tiny sewing machine, of course
I finally found a way to use this old case
When we weren't eating cake, or singing along to the James Bond soundtrack, Allan was drawing for London and Nick was just drawing
Since i made the black fascinator, i've been wanting to do more of these
Now in colors
Oh, and Nick make a hat for my squirrel!


  1. Those bumper stickers are gloriously nerdy!

  2. Den der kage ikk? Yum!

    Har du selv lavet sushi tingene på hatten? Den er sejhed!

  3. Wauw, en flot Totoro-kage! Jeg ville blive ovenud lykkelig, hvis nogen tilbød mig et stykke af den. Er den hjemmelavet, eller er den fra et konditori? I så fald, hvor?

    hav en fantastisk weekend!

    kh Nana

  4. YAY!!!! Jean Luc The Car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. samboy, totally, but i need more now!

    Hella J, sushi dimserne er fra Japan, jeg har bare lavet dimsen de sidder på, eller hvad man skal kalde det.

    Nana, jeg er ret sikker på at den var hjemmelavet, af en person med nogen seriøse lagkage skills!

    Patrick B, so awesome!

    Evan, make it so!!

  6. That is the greatest birthday cake I have ever seen. The tiny hatbox is adorable too.

  7. Ok, jeg ved ikke hvor jeg ellers skulle sende dig det her link, men se lige...: