Friday, September 10, 2010

Un-basic black

Alright, here are some pictures of the hat i made for that funeral last weekend.
I wanted to wear something nice, but not too flashy, and i think this one came out just right.

I didn't want flowers on this one, so i came up with the little lace covered balls instead
I have never made anything that was entirely black before, and not putting any color in there was a bit of a challenge for me
Ok, so there is some color in it, but it's on the part that no one sees anyway!

While i was looking at hair extensions on eBay (not for now, but someday when my hair grows out) i started looking at wigs, and decided to treat my mannequin to some new hair.
I think i might end up getting a few different ones, cause there are so many gorgeous styles and i can't choose just one.
This one is among the favorites.


  1. It's absolutely superb! What a fancy choice. See, I would never think of something like that. I love it.

    And I'm wild about the wig. Have you ever tried to do pin curls?? Everyone always tells me how easy pin curls and victory rolls are but every time I attempt either, I look like I just woke up from spending the night on a park bench or something.

  2. oh i love the hat, so simple and classy but really fun at the same time!

    the wig is fab too! I'd end up wearing it, not the mannequin! x

  3. Your hats are amazing. Would love to buy some of them at one point and use them in a photoshoot. Just need to know which photoshoot.

  4. Fawn and Flower, thanks!!
    I tried doing them once on a mannequin for school, but never on me.
    I am a hair-tard who can barely do a braid without messing up, so i would never attempt that.
    But maybe i'll start wearing a wig?

    samboy, i might do just that!

    Patrick B, thanks, let me know!