Tuesday, May 18, 2010

El Poncho del perro

The new work room situation (yes, i know that's all i've been talking about lately) is working out so well, that i'm even getting stuff done at home now too.
Like Sunday night, after a long day of cleaning and organizing, when i decided to make my dog a poncho.
The thing is, when Lucifer rides in his bike basket, which he usually does twice a day, it sometimes gets a little chilly.
It's too warm for him to still wear a coat, so i just wrap him in a blanket, but he somehow always manages to wiggle out it.
And then he sits there, shivering.
Well, not anymore!
"The Dog Poncho" (patent pending) is warm, snuggly and it ain't going anywhere.

Before you start complimenting me on my knitting skills, that's knitted fabric, i've just sewn it together and put some yarn tassels on it
It's obviously not for walking, just for sitting
I still had some yarn from way back that matched the fabric pretty well
Prettiest dog in the world!

Since i just got my bike back this morning (it's been at the shop this weekend, getting a flat tire fixed), and the weather is unusually great today, he hasn't actually tried it out yet, but we'll test it on him tonight!


  1. Now you need to make a little Sombrero! :D

  2. I have no idea how i'll do this, or how i'll get him to wear it, but you're right, that has to happen now!

  3. Lucha Libre !

    A mexican wrestler mask style Muzzle could be another option


  4. OMG soooo freakn cute :) I about spit all my coffee drink all over my laptop when I read Josephs comment....FUNNY!!!

  5. Joseph, if you guys keep coming up with these awesome ideas this is gonna get out of hand!!
    (Ps. There'll be something stupid in the mail for you in a few days...)

    Hella J + isabella thordsen + samboy, yup, he's the bestest!

    Tanya , me too (although it was tea, not coffee)!