Sunday, May 16, 2010


I haven't done as much relaxing as i thought i wanted to, but i'm still having a pretty great weekend.
Instead of taking a work weekend at the shop, as we'd originally planned, we're taking a much needed work weekend at home instead.
Our home hasn't looked like much of a home since we started pilfering stuff to bring to the shop, and it was about time we did something about that.
Now that we've made the shop our primary creative space, it's like we have to start over at home and rethink what to do with our workroom here.
And redoing one room usually leads to redoing all rooms, so we have a lot of work ahead of us.
We haven't completely figured it out yet, but while we're working on that, we're getting a lot of other stuff done!
Like yesterday when i spent over an hour in the basement sorting through old clothes, and filled three big boxes with stuff that i wanna try and sell at a flea market.
Not too bad.

Pictures of boxes and messy apartments aren't very interesting (also, i have none) so here's some pictures of food i've eaten since coming home instead.

New onigiri box from 100 yen Shop
Plastic wrapped so the nori stays crispy, of course
"I can't believe it's not tonkatsu!" with veggies and rice
Bento (i suddenly can't remember what was in there, but i think it was rice and fake meatballs?)
Lunch bag
Fried rice with organic chicken
I never go to Starbucks, but the last days in Japan i went there three times, and this is why:
Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich made at the shop, something made possible by the new fridge
Last night was Schnitzel Saturday, and while i forgot to take a picture of the schnitzel (shame), i did remember to take a pictures of my boys