Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

So, i know we just got here, but i just wanna say that i haven't felt this good in months.
We have no plans, besides getting tattooed, so it's not gonna be the kind of stressful visit we had in November.
I have no things i need to buy, no stuff i need to see and it feels so good.
We have a huge (by Japanese standards) apartment, and i'm already planning to spend a lot more time at home than i normally do.
We've already rearranged it, making our bed on the floor of the tatami room, and converting the bedroom into a sofa/tv lounge.

Only sucky thing so far is that the cherry blossoms bloomed early this year, and are more or less gone.
But whatever.
I've seen them before, i'll see them again and it's far too cold for a nice hanami anyway.

Fancy pants travel couture at the Copenhagen central station
Welcome back dinner, i got an eye stuck in my teeth (every bit as gross as it sounds)
Best meal ever, pretty much
Fried tofu
Sleeping husband, apparently not as bothered by the street noise as i was
Magical tiles!
Big kitchen, washing machine, futons, even a little internet at times... what more could you ask for?
Yes, i was up before 8 AM, basically making this day a historical event
Doutor drip coffee

Oh, and we managed to make the tiniest bit of small talk in Japanese with Ojisan (our landlord) in the elevator.
Another tiny victory for these lucky Danes.

Ps. You never know if this wonderful wifi in the kitchen situation will last, so if you want more Japan updates, go follow me on Twitter too, i update that at Ink Rat all the time.


  1. welcome back. glad you have a bigger apartment this time. tatami rooms are the best!

  2. Ah, det ser helt perfekt ud!

  3. That coffee seems rather intriguing.

  4. åååååh-sender misundelige vibes fra regnfulde københavn! NYD DET!