Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hanami time

Spring, hanami, it's all here.
Yesterday we went to Shinjuku Gyoen to enjoy the great weather and the lovely cherry blossoms.

They didn't have any hanami blankets at 100 yen shop, so we used scarfs, jackets and some newspapers.

Some of our spectacular lunch items from Family Mart

We just sat there for a long time, looking at all the little parties and family picnics taking place around us.
There's always something to look at here.
Our neighbors, some other foreigners, decided to do a human pyramid and i was chosen to capture their effort.
Allan took some pictures, so you'll have to wait for the Uncle Blog to be updated to see this.

Since Allan had brought his cameras i didn't take that many pictures, cause mine are gonna look like crap once his gets posted.
But i had to take some.
It's just so darn pretty there.

This tree was my favorite
A little allergy is no excuse, ojisan here needed to get that perfect sakura shot
I'm still loving the new Toy Cam app, i'm sure i'll be over it soon, so just be patient with me
So fluffy and pink
Quad action

After the park we went to Shibuya, for some more coffee at a cute café.
Oh, and a show.
We couldn't take pictures there, but it was actually a really great show.
Oh, i don't know what it's like in the States, but in Europe it's considered kind of lame to show up at a show wearing the bands t-shirt or other merch, but here it seems like it's the opposite.
Everyone there was wearing either NOFX or Bad religion tees.
And if they didn't, they rushed to the merch stand, bought one and changed onto that.
Another funny thing was being back in Koenji at 11 after seeing three bands play.
I could get used to that.

Today we're thinking of terrorizing the sidewalks of Koenji/Nakano on our new bikes (Rei and Hatas bikes that we're borrowing).
And today i'm also getting my first film from the plastic camera back.
If it doesn't completely suck i'll post some shots from Akita tomorrow.


  1. Åh vad fina bilder! Jag älskar körsbärsblommor! Här i sverige finns det inte så många, men jag har köpt några kvistar som jag har i en vas hemma. Jag väntar spännt på att de ska slå ut och bli under bara blommor.
    Idag är det grått väder i Malmö och it sucks! Jag letar efter solen och hoppas hitta den snart.

  2. Mmm forår! Allan sidder jo i T-shirt! Skønt med sol!
    Gad godt ha været med til koncert!
    Dejligt at se, at I har det skønt!

  3. God idé, Lisa, bring foråret indenfor.
    Håber vejret er blevet bedre i Malmö, jeg hører det er dejligt i Kbh!

    Helle, 22 grader i dag!