Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dirt mall

Crap, i am so far behind on the travel blogging that i can't even remember what we did on which days.
But i guess that stuff doesn't matter much anyway, this isn't a journal after all.
So here are some pictures from... sometime last week, when me and Allan took a nice walk from Koenji to Nakano.
There's a small path between these towns, actually i think it goes all the way to Asagaya too, maybe further...?
Anyway, it's really pretty and relaxing, and most of the people walking there are older folks walking their dogs.
I mostly took pictures with my new camera, but of course no one will develop my new film*, so it'll be a while before i'll know if any of them turned out good.

Beautiful tree and an old house
Cute tiles
Another one, i liked this little guy
Broadway used to be this really obscure mall where you'd never meet another whitey, but times have changed and tourists are everywhere now, but it's still a fun place to hang out
Geek stores en masse, full of crap and collectors items
I was searching for new (old) additions to my Booska collection, but the ones they had were either no good or too pricey
I almost got this one... i might still have to go back for him
They have a few nice antique stores too, this one was particularly good
On the Broadway shopping street there's a Uniqlo, and i went in there real quick to buy this shirt (not the overalls though, i already found the best pair in town)
Ahem, yeah, that's pretty much what it looks like!

* Seriously, you'd think that just one photo lab, here in the largest metropolitan area in the world, with it's (not always entirely well deserved, in my opinion) reputation of being highly technologically advanced, could develop my lomo film, but no.
Apparently we have to either trick them into thinking it's a regular film, or go all the way to the Lomo store and have them develop it for us, something that'll take them about a week.

I already bought albums for those pictures, dammit!

That footnote kinda got a life of it's own, huh?!


  1. I got a present !! I got a present !!!!!

    Miss you too lots !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the delicious presents !!! You rock !!

  2. Haha, you're welcome, hope you enjoyed the Frenchness of the Rilakkuma note!