Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Broader than Broadway

Because they're so awesome, Rei and Hata let us borrow their bikes today.
Rei never uses his and Hata got a fancy new one, so i now have the key to his old (tiny!) red bike.
This was our first time riding in Tokyo and i can't even begin to describe how much fun it was finally cruisin' the streets of Koenji.
About friggin time.
In Tokyo you ride on the sidewalk, so sometimes it's like you're in a Nintendo game, just trying to avoid hitting people, while at the same time riding as fast as you can.
Like i said, tons of fun!

I had to buy a ridiculous 1000 Yen backpack, the bike is too small for a shoulder bag
On our way to Nakano, we stopped at a park for a quick can of coffee and some carp viewing
This lake is so pretty and clear, and full of these little fellas
Damn it feels good to be a turtle
Yeah, it's small and uncomfortable, but whoa, i love this bike! I borrowed Allans new cap cause i was having a bad hair day and i think it somehow made me go faster...
Allan, so handsome!
Look at all those cherry blossom leaves
We were on a mission to buy some patches for my ugly backpack at Broadway
Geek heaven, Nakano Broadway (we got a ton of Star Wars patches)
Nakano Kitty
We had a nice lunch at a restaurant on one of the small side streets.
The owner spoke English and seemed very happy to get to practice with us.
The food was great.

Tomorrow, maybe a trip to a mountain?
And maybe a trip to Tokyu hands too.


  1. Nu med bare ben! Weee! Glædeligt forår - det er også så småt kommet til Kbh (og Amsterdam, som vi lige er kommet hjem fra. Der ku man sidde ude til 22 om aftenen, hurra!).

    Sød kitty, har du husket at tage den med hjem?!

  2. Du ligner slet ikke en turist på det første billede, he he!
    Og yay for turtles og bare stænger!

  3. i know well about nakano.
    i had worked there for 4 years. marui company !! tall building near Nakano sun plaza lol

  4. Kitty ville gerne posere til fotos, men den ville sgu ikke ned i tasken.
    Meget mærkeligt dyr!

    Jeg ligner SÅ meget en turist for tiden, men det er jeg vel egentlig også, så det går nok.

    Ps. I love Marui!

  5. you are rocking that bike, man.