Monday, March 22, 2010


I am way too tired to blog right now.
But i also had a day that was way too much fun to not blog about.
What to do?
I'm gonna go with "half-assed blog post with links" and go crash on the couch with the guys.

What am i linking to?
To my new tattoo of course!
I know i was supposed to get the USS Enterprise as my first post-surgery tattoo, but that was before i knew Chriss was coming.
So i got this one instead and it is awesome.
And to make it even more awesome, it fills an awkward little spot i've been wanting to do something about for ages.

Ok, more bloggings soon, including a nicer picture of my tattoo.
And possibly some pictures of the tattoos everyone else got today, on the other blog.


  1. Oh hells yeah!! Den er så fin!! Og passer helt perfekt!

  2. oh yes, pretty nice flower !!!
    looks very good !

  3. love love love it :)