Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dilemmas and cuteness

Man, i am completely google'd out.
And flickr'd out too.

I've been trying to come up with tattoo ideas, in case Lewis has time to tattoo me on monday, but i have too many things flying around in my head and instead of narrowing it down to a few ideas, more just keep popping up.
Stupid no-good brain.
At the moment i'm stuck between really wanting the last real spot on my left arm finished, and wanting something a bit bigger than that.

That's the spot, it looks bigger in this picture, but it's actually pretty tiny

I've gone from rosehips to butterflies to pinecones to toadstools to squirrels (Allans idea) in just a few hours and now i'm just plain confused!
I had so many things i wanted on that arm, but now it's almost filled up and i'm having a hard time choosing.
I wish i was able to meditate, i think that would be useful right now.

What to get...

These are just a tiny portion of the pictures i stumbled upon during the last hours, only the rosehips and the butterflies were taken by me.
I need help.
I think i'm gonna go make dinner and think some more.

Ps. I'm back to the rosehips again.


  1. I would wote on the squirrels! You just cant get enought crazy animals!

  2. Jeg må sige, at jeg hælder mest til noget blanding af svampene, hyben og kogler. De går godt til resten af armen!

    Meeen egernet og for pokker også pindsvinet er gode idéer. Men så kan de bygge en hule sammen et andet sted på din krop? Måske sammen med bæltedyret? Han kunne sikket godt bruge noget selskab! Især så fint selskab!

  3. True, crazy animals are the best and i don't have enough...
    But if there's gonna be a squirrel i need to move it to the leg.
    Argh, decisions!

    Og bæltedyret kunne fagjort bruge lidt selskab (og farve, men det snakker vi ikke om!)
    Jeg kan godt li' egern/svampe kombinationen.

  4. That Little fox is to die for. I would also lose focus with all that cuteness in front of me..

  5. kogler og hyben og måske sådan nogle her:

    og tidsler!

  6. Definately the sqirrels on the playing cards - they are so cute, but still cool..

  7. egern egern egern egern egern egern egern egernegernegernegernegern

  8. Ok, so the leg it is then!
    Hope he'll have time...

  9. Get the Toadstools!! They are magical!