Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky me

Today was such a wonderful day.
Just one of those days where so much good stuff happens, you can't help but stop and appreciate it.

Here's a few reasons why today was an awesome day.

The weather was pretty.
Still cold, but at least pretty.

Scandinavia, we have the bluest skies (and the cutest dogs)

My husband is awesome, and i love that we can ride our bikes together to work and spend the whole day being around each other. Makes me feel lucky.

I texted back and forth with Nick for a while, and that's always nice.

We're finally beginning to see the light at the end of the construction tunnel at the shop.
Our carpenter/plumber installed a fancy new sink, and we painted some more doors, decorated and... well, the usual stuff, and it's looking good.

Sensor operated, what up!?
Lucifer found a nice spot on a broken chair in the drawing room (note to self: paint those walls again and fix chair tomorrow)

I had my (hopefully) last checkup at the hospital today, and while i'm still bothered by surgery related issues, it's nowhere near as bad as it has been.
And the doctor was nice.

My parents came by today which was awesome cause i haven't seen them in a while.
They brought a table for the kitchen, one that's pretty special to me.
It's the table that was in the kitchen of our old house, the house i grew up in, and i must have eaten 90% of my meals at that table growing up.
They stayed for coffee, and i gave my dad a tour of the creepy basement.
He enjoys stuff like that.
And my mom brought us a beautiful animal skull she found walking in the forest the other day.
Eckel is now in charge of cleaning it up, since he's (oddly enough) our resident expert on dead animals.

Good job, mom
My awesome parents enjoying some quality coffee and Café de Conspiracy

Burger night!
We ordered fancy burgers (they even have vegan burgers, who knew?) from Halifax and ate them at the new kitchen table.
I have no pictures, i was too busy eating.
Our shop is the best.

I found a really fucking nice coffee table for the front room, for super cheap.
Like, half of what they usually cost.
If i didn't need it here so much i'd take it home!

Yep, just what i've been looking for

More days like this, please.


  1. your mom looks just like you! WHOA!

  2. oooo where did you find the table??

  3. yay glad you had a nice day!

    hello amalie's parents! I feel like I know them now haha. Nerddddd!

  4. I totally understand, why my son friggin loves ya!! ... I do too, sweet Amalie!!
    What a great post with so many nice things to tell ...
    Nice to see, that the new fancy sink in the bathroom actually works! - Love the color on the wall, by the way!
    I am sooo gonna look for some nice stuff for your new shop. I really look forward to seing it when it's all finished!

    Love you both!! X X X c",)

  5. Det er godt at du værdsætter det du har mouse. Flere som dig!