Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lucifer & Masumi

We're going to Bisserup for christmas in just a few days, but i still have a few non-christmas market pictures taken around the house the last time we were there.

I also completely forgot to mention this in the last Bisserup post, but we actually brought two dogs to the country.
Our friends asked if we could dog sit for a day while they, and about a 100.000 other brave souls, protested in the streets of Copenhagen.
So we turned one day into two and brought little Masumi along with us.

Two old friends, neither of them loving the 1 1/2 hour ride
My moms new lamp
My dads new bookcase, only it's not for books, it's for LPs, cassette tapes, eight-tracks and CDs
My moms silver workshop
I took a picture of Lucifer and then i fell asleep
And then Allan took this
Cute squirrel oven
My parents have weird shit
Sunday, the weather was so fucking cold, but also so pretty
You can see the snow-filled skies in the distance though
Masumi, and her cute little ears, running on the beach
... ears that sometimes get in the way, just ask Lucifer!
Critters in a basket

Ah, i can't wait to get back down there, i just wish Masumi was coming too.


  1. your tights are lovely :) They look so cute and cosy!

    aww now I want a Masumi as well as a Lucifer! They are too darned cute together! Makes me want to cry a bit! x

  2. They are too cute to be true. I still remember being amazed by just how tiny Masumi was. Masumi...I love that name. I'm also so glad to see Lucifer doing well. Is he running as well?

  3. Awww, det billede af dig og hundehvalpene der sover, kunne det være mere cute? I think not! Ærgeligt at det er horizontalt, ellers kunne det passe perfekt i den nye ramme fra Allan!

  4. Hygge galore! Dejligt billede af dig og de to drønnerter.

    And yes, your parents have wierd shit! :-D

    Hils dem og glædelig jul!

  5. Awww those two are so cute! The picture of them in the basket is heart-melting.
    Is Masumi a prager rattler too?

  6. Those pictures would be purrrrfect for Cute overload!!!

  7. åh hvor har i bare haft en dejlig weekend! <3 I må til hver en tid gerne låne Sumi igen -på nær lige her til jul måske...
    kys og god jul til hele den dejlige familie

  8. Heh... I'm quite loving the weird beast head that your parents have. Looks interesting!

  9. It's a toad-fish with a bad toothache!
    I love that weird little guy!