Monday, October 5, 2009

Windy city

Another productive weekend is coming to an end.
Too productive now that i think about it.
My Buffy comics are just lying there in the living room, sad and unread.
Soon, sweet comics, soon.
Oh, and i still have a friggin cold too and it doesn't seem to be getting better.
NyQuil better shape up and do it's job, and soon too.
But even though i'm sick, and Copenhagen i so windy i'm afraid my dog is gonna blow away when i walk him, i'm feeling pretty good.
Just having a little time of with my boys have been pretty amazing.

Besides being all creative (Allan has been painting and i've been making hats and headers) we've been to Sort Kaffe & Vinyl to get our sunday coffee fix and ended up buying a crap load of vinyl too, we've taken a bunch of pictures of my new work, we've watched some HIMYM on dvd and we've hung out with both my mom, Wookie, Nick and Jacob (it's been an unusually social sunday, now that i think about it).

Ok, im gonna leave you with some teasers from todays living room photo shoot!

Princessinferno mini, you know, for the kids!
Uh oh, i feel a sneeze coming on...
(All photos by Allan)


  1. Those are beautiful, and so is the new header.

    And you have a lot of tattoos now, don't you. You've added quite a few since last time I saw you.

  2. i know how you hate copy cats and people stealing others ideas. But i really like your new header and the girl with the bird.

    could i pay you for it as a tattoo design?

    ps. I'd completely understand if you said no so dont be offended if thats how you really feel.

    pss. Long comment, right?

  3. I love the navy-inspired one. That gold rope is perfect.

    The new header is pretty! Specially with the vintage sewing machine. It's my dream to own one like that.

  4. ooh awesome hats, well done you! xxx

  5. Åh WOW WOW WOW sikke smukke hatte!!

  6. Ai, yeah, there definitely are a few new ones.
    Might be a few more before the next time you see me, if i get lucky!

    Aleisha, i tought about it, but even though i agree that it would make a pretty tattoo design, it'd just be too weird.
    Allan made that for me, and of me, so i know he wouldn't want someone else getting that either.
    But i very much appreciate you asking me, a lot of people would just go ahead and grab it!

    I'll try to think of a good artist in your area who could do something inspired by this, but in their own version!

    Thanks Betty, i wish i had room for an old beauty like that one too!

    Mai & Sam, thanks og taaaak!