Monday, July 27, 2009


Today feels just like sunday, so much so that i was surprised to see that the shops were open.
We took Lucifer for a walk down Istedgade where i noticed that one of the cute little vintage shops was having a going out of business sale.
Too bad for them, but yay for me!
I got a bunch of hat making stuff, some green vintage bracelets and the cutest little table, cause they were selling most of their inventory too.

Favorite coffee pushers are back from their way too long vacationAll the outside tables were taken, but that's not a problem when you've brought your own
Glasses make you look smarter, you know
Dog snuggles
My new corner table, after a good cleaning and tightening of screws and legs

I do love unexpected furniture days!


  1. hahaha the background in the first picture is hilarious

    you look adorable with glasses! And that's a nice cardigan (?).

  2. Isn't that awesome!?
    I didn't even notice until later!

    And thanks, it's a classic japanese school girl cardigan, all the kids are wearing them!

  3. Det billede af Allan ved bordet; jeg kan slet ikke finde hovede eller hale i hans hånd under bordet! Det ser vildt ud!

  4. Excellent! I love spontaneous furniture finds :P