Sunday, September 20, 2009

Really, really ridiculously long sunday picture post

Ok, i really hope you guys like animals and long picture posts, cause i went to the zoo today and pretty much filled up the memory card and used up all the battery.
So, it's all about the animals on the untitled blog today!

Bird show and tell
I love owls
So majestic!
It made the cutest little squeaky sound
Oh, hello little buddy
Maras living the good life
There were lamas and capybaras too
This lama was not ready for his closeup
That's so funny, that's how me and Allan sleep too!
Me in the butterfly house
Some of those suckers are huge
So close you could smell his fish breath
This guy reminded me of Lucifer
The fancy new elephant house
You got a little something there...
Can't. Quite. Reach. Carrot.
Don't you just want to touch that fur?

The reason i went to the zoo in the first place was because my dad and brother had a gig there, like last year.
And i'm not one to say no to a free show that includes a ticket to the zoo.

The band hooked up with a new singer and she was friggin awesome (i already forgot her name but i'll update this when i remember)
My dad and brother (i'm so happy my dad decided to not wear that retarded zoo cap, and i hope my brother ditched it when they were done!)

After the band finished i hung around for a little while longer.
I'd used up all the battery on the G9 by filming the band for my parents, so i had to switch to iPhone shots, but those turned out ok too.

The reindeer were shedding their antler fur or something
These guys definitely don't belong in zoos, just saying
This guy swam too fast for my camera (it's a hippo if you couldn't tell)
I asked them to come closer, but they weren't having it
Bunny mountain
Not the most exotic animal of the bunch, but a good one nonetheless

I had a bunch of plans after after this but i was beat, so i ended up eating ice cream and pizza with the guys.
Also, i have hats to make and i've noticed that they don't make themselves.

Ps. We went out for a movie last night, haven't done that in a long time!


  1. De der rensdyr ligger præcis som de lå, da vi var der. Det kan da ikke være sundt? Skal de ikke stå op?
    Og så troede jeg pandaen var en ræv. Ha! Ind i brillekampen mormor!
    Og ikke mindst: sover du på Allans hovede eller er det omvendt?

  2. De havde det varmt kunne man se, de lå og gispede ligesom Lucifer om sommeren.
    Men nogle af dem fes også rundt, så jeg tror de var ok.
    Rød panda, Helle, rød!
    Og ha, det er en hemmelighed!

  3. Jeg kommer vist for lidt i zoo (og Synoptik!)
    Herhjemme er jeg (i hvert fald i følge Michael) den øverste varan. Men jeg tror det er løgn. Som om jeg kunne finde på at sove på hans hovede!

  4. weee! lovely pictures! i actually like the iphone pics best (is it the toy camera ap you are using?)

    I love red pandas!

    the bunny mountain picture makes me do a little happy squeal! :) xxx

  5. åh, jeg elsker bildene av uglen :D såååå søt!

  6. Lovin' the Tobias, for hulen, hvad sker der med den zebratrøje?!

  7. Fie, i know, men jeg gav op på ham for mange, mange år siden.
    Han er tøj-dork for life!