Saturday, July 12, 2008

Animals need jazz too, or something like that

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is happening all over town these days, and my dad and brother were playing a show at the Zoo, of all places.
Sounds weirder than it actually was, they played at a small stage outside one of the cafe's there.
It was good, a mix of soul and jazz, something my dad does better than most.

Since i was there to listen to music, i didn't have much time to look at all the animals.
But i did convince my mom to go check out the new elephant house with me.
It was beautiful, we agreed. They did a great job and as far as incarcerated animals go, the Copenhagen elephants have a pretty sweet deal.
They really should work on giving the big cats some more space though.

Ok, enough talk. Here comes the animal parade.

Camel friend

He's flapping his wings in this photo
New elephant crib
Wooden animals are people too
Storks are nice, storks that come up to you and pose for pictures are super nice

They always look so misplaced in the summer
"So, Elkbert, what'd you do today? Well, it's friday, i licked the wall of course!"
What's even better than antlers? Really fuzzy antlers!
I'm going back there soon. I wanna hang with the goats at the petting zoo, that was always my favorite part of the zoo when i was a kid. Still is.


  1. Ahhh ! Licking the walls !! I miss the zoo years !!

  2. i havent been to the zoo in ages..

  3. Oh I love the zooo! I am partial to the polar bears. But the elephants are super awesome too.