Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More cuteness (can you handle it?)

As you may have noticed, i haven't had a whole bunch of time to blog lately, but hopefully that's gonna change soon.

I was supposed to get tattooed by Lewis on monday, but i wasn't feeling great, so instead i went home early and watched "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou".
I was joined by Lewis, Alice and the baby not long after pressing play and it ended up being a great night after all.
Allan brought home chicken and salads, we watched some more movies and Lewis finished my drawing.

I'd given him a whole stack of reference (which y'all helped me make sense of, thank you very much) and asked for "maybe a squirrel using a toadstool as an umbrella?" and this is what he came up with:

Yesterday i still wasn't feeling great, but it was our friends' last day in Copenhagen and i wanted my squirrel dammit, so after they'd done a bit of sightseeing Lewis came to the shop.
And, as it usuallly goes, as soon as we got started i felt a whole lot better.

I eat apples when i get tattooed
I was lying down most of the time, but sat for the last half hour or so (oh, and thanks for the unflattering angle, Allan!)
(Photo by Allan)

As you can see, i decided to get a real tattoo, and not fill the dumb little gap on my arm, that'll just have to wait
(Photo by Allan)

Getting tattooed mostly just suck, but Lewis is such a great person to hang out with, so this was actually a real pleasure
My awesome (and today very sore and swollen) squirrel
(Photo by Allan)

He somehow managed to get everything i wanted (rosehips, pinecones, toadstool and butterflies) in there, and he came into work on the last day of his vacation, so i'm obviously pretty stoked and grateful.

They got in a taxi to the airport at 4.30 this morning, and after they left i couldn't sleep, so i'm a little besides myself today.
It's funny, when houseguests leave i always think, that part of me is gonna be happy to get my home back (after all, i have been camping out on the couch for over two weeks) but instead i just feel sad.
Having friends all over the world really is a mixed pleasure.
But i'll get to see a lot of them in London in a few weeks, so at least there's that to look forward to.


  1. Your tattoo looks amazing! Your ideas were great and he did a great job including them all. Such a cute piece!

  2. Lewis is a great tattooer and an amazing illustrator. That little guy has so much character.

    Any idea what kind of disposable tube he is using in that picture? I've been looking for good ones.

  3. Loves!!! having friends all over the world is a blessing and a curse, i just said goodbye to two of my friends who had stayed with me for 1,5 months and i was still sad to see them leave :0(

  4. He's adorable! Does he have a name? He seems like he needs a fancy name.

  5. Ej, hvor er den altså bare sååååå fin. Din læg må føle lykke.


  6. oh hes so sweet! he reminds me of a little totoro, under his makeshift umbrella :)

    i wish i could come to the london convention, too poor to go. bah to bills! :(


  7. Jessica: thanks so much!
    Good reference is important, but yeah, he really did an amzing job getting it all in there without it looking crowded!

    Adrian: I agree, he's just all around awesome.
    The tubes are eikon, they're pretty good as far as disposables go.

    Fie: Så fluffy at man næsten får lyst til at ae den (men det skal man ikke, av!)

    d.i.: It really is hard saying goodbye, not always knowing when you'll see your friends again.

    Coralene: No name yet, but something fancy would definitely suit him.

    Ditte: Lykke og ømhed, men mest lykke!

  8. Sam: Sorry to hear you won't make it to London, that really sucks!

  9. actually i've changed my mind since that comment, i'm not going to pay one of my bills! *evil chuckle*

    i want to come say hello (again) and i want a tshirt! :) xxx (i may bring cake too)

  10. ÅÅÅRH! Jeg ELSKER den! Jeg elsker egern!
    Den er så meget Vinden i Piletræerne.


  11. ÅÅÅRH! Jeg ELSKER den! Jeg elsker egern!
    Den er så meget Vinden i Piletræerne.


  12. Perfekthed! Den er rigtig ornlig lige i øjet!!

  13. Den er bare SÅ fin!

    Kommer I over til London Tattoo Convention? Det kan da godt være, jeg lige stikker forbi og siger hej så! :)

  14. ÅHH den er SÅ fin!! Du har snart den perfekte samling af søde smukke tattoveringer!
    tillykke med den nye

    -er lidt misundelig ;)

  15. Sam: That's the spirit!

    Karla: Jeg sad også helt og overvejede om han skulle ha' tøj på, elsker vinden i piletræerne.

    Betty: thanks, me too and i've seen some pretty darn cute tattoos.

    Helle: ornlig enig!

    Anne: Ja, vi er der hele weekenden, så kom endelig forbi!

    Elisabeth: Tusind tak!

    Tore: Tak, jeg ville også være rimilig misundelig hvis den ikke lige var min!

    Wren: Agreed!!