Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The best eight years

I know i just said i'd get back into blogging regularly, but i kinda lied.
Tomorrow i'm taking the day off.
No work, no internet.
Well, at least i'm gonna try to.
See, tomorrow is me and the husbands wedding anniversary.
Yup, eight years we've been married, it's pretty amazing when you think about it.
We're not gonna go quite as crazy as last year, but we did get a dog-sitter and we're gonna go out and eat food together like normal adult people do, or so i've heard.

Just a random photo of us, the wedding photos are between me, Allan and Mike the Las Vegas limo driver
My Allan tattoo (maybe not quite so bright anymore, but i still love it)
Allans Amalie tattoo (or one of them)

Tillykke baby og tak for de bedste otte år af mit liv.
Håber du er på med otte mere!


  1. Looove og selv tak... And then some!!!

    Tillykke med at du har kunne holde mig ud så længe! Godt gået!!

    Jeg elsker dig!!

  2. Stor love til jer fra os begge to, hav nu en rigtig dejlig dag!

  3. you guys are such a cute couple. happy anniversary! screw the seven-year itch.

  4. congratulations!you two seem so perfect together x

  5. congratulations!you two seem so perfect together x

  6. Tillykke! Håber i får en dejlig dag!

  7. Congrats little lady! I can only hope to have as happy a marriage as you guys seem to have 8 years down the road <3

  8. Congrats, lady! To many more years!