Thursday, September 4, 2008

Most fun ever had by anyone (possibly)

Exciting news people.
I have finally found my true calling in life.
Yes, i'm gonna be a tattoo AAHtist from now on.
And i'm gonna skip the whole learning to tattoo thing and just dive straight into only doing large custom pieces.
Cause i'm an AAHtist, you know.

Ok, ok, so maybe i'm totally kidding, but i did tattoo Allan and it was FUN!
And also, i totally suck.
Yeah, it's really hard. Who knew?
Allan do it all the time!

For the first time in my life i almost understand all those piece of shit scratchers you see on Myspace all the time.
You know, the ones who can't even draw a stickfigure, but they have a cool rockstar alias and the kids worship them.
And they're never gonna improve cause they already think they're the shit cause they have 52 picture comments on that hourglass on hand tattoo they did on their 18 year old buddy.
But none of that matters cause tattooing is fun.
And most of them are only in it for the possibility of fame, respect and adoration anyway.
Ok, so i lied, i don't really understand them at all.

But nevermind that, back to me!
I was nervous as hell, and it shows, but i've found some pictures that are taken from a flattering angle and hide my worst mistakes.
Clever editing never hurt anyone, right?

I worked on that tiny drawing for about a week
Focus, focus
I wish i had some pink gloves, blue is just not my color
The most fun part
Trust me, i do this all the time!
The lines on the heart tattoo are test lines. So not only did i do a crappy tattoo on my husband, i ruined an existing one too. Not bad.
Well, he looks happy enough!

After the first tattoo we were totally drained and needed food.
So we went to Bento and got enough take out to feed a small army.
The ojisan who took our order didn't believe it was just for the two of us, so he gave us four sets of chopsticks!

By the time we were done eating and had set up for my tattoo, it was 1 am.
And i was so sleepy.
But i had to get one too, that was part of the deal.
Getting tattoed on the elbow however, was not part of my plan!

I took this picture and then Allan told me to stop moving
Ok, so Allan's is a little nicer than mine. Just a little.

Klaus, you're next!


  1. helle - din nye kundeSeptember 4, 2008 at 10:03 PM

    Badass, badass, badass!! Du er så sej!!!

  2. Men Allans Tattoo er altså også fin!

  3. they both look pretty good, and it is the year of the mouse this year, isn't it.

  4. so cute! i think you did a bang up job for your first tattoo!

    practice up and you can give me some sick ink when i get there! ;)

  5. That doesn't look like Burt Reynolds AT ALL! It looks more like a mouse or something. Rubbish!


  6. I know!
    I was under the impression that i was getting a sweet Burt portrait and i end up with this...

    That'll teach me to not get tattooed while having my back to the machine!

  7. den er da så fin! du må gerne øve dig på mig!!

  8. if just getting/staying/being married isn't a hard enough act to follow, now you're raising the bar to include tattooing each other? and doing it (pretty) well, too? great post. cool blog. (but ps. if i ever get married i'm still not sure i'll be letting him get near a needle.)

  9. Not sucha bad job my dear, much better than I would have done. Good for you for giving it a try! And kudos to Allan for being a good sport. :>

  10. Not sucha bad job my dear, much better than I would have done. Good for you for giving it a try! And kudos to Allan for being a good sport. :>