Saturday, August 29, 2009


If you read my other blog, you already know that we missed the opening party last night for the tattoo book Allan is in.
So today, after i came back from shopping, we jumped on Allans bike (all three of us) and rushed down to the gallery to meet Wookie and check out the photo exhibition.

Awesome pictures and the book is super nice too, we even got a few copies for ourselves
After the gallery we went to Skydebanegade and Saxogade, two streets close to our house that were having their annual street parties (Lucifer was not too pleased, too many people there in his opinion)
Banzai sold their spicy Japanese curry and seaweed salad just like last year, yum (not pictured, the ice cream we ate right after this)
It was actually getting pretty cold and the ice cream, although it was delicious, didn't help, so we got us some coffee too (the guys are looking surprised cause i just talked shit about some girl with bad attitude, oops!)
Here it is, the fancy (and heavy) book i've been writing about so much lately


  1. I er on a roll! Hatte, fashionshows, tatoveringer og bøger! You guys are going places!! Det'sejt!

  2. you know, in japan the curry is considered to be one of the easiest meals to cook. i just don't agree. it is a pain in the ass to peel and chop all the veggies. so it's a good idea to eat it out.

    that opening party looks like a real deal. and i was very impressed with allan's poster when i saw it on your facebook.

  3. That poster is so funny, i still can't believe my hald naked husband is hanging all over Copenhagen.
    The curry was delicious, i cooked some myself the other day but theirs is much better.