Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Walked around Vesterbro, took Lucifer to the dog park and went to two street parties.


Skydebanegade was my favorite of the two for two reasons:
1. Restaurant Banzai had Japanese rice and curry with pickles for 30 kr. and
2. the Sicilian ice cream place is right next to it!

We spent the rest of the day shooting pictures of some of the hats i made.
They'll be posted real soon.


  1. oh, japanese curry!!! how i miss it!!! was it good??? (i could make some myself, but i'm restraining myself from a lot of things right now, and this is one of them...)

  2. So good!
    It's a couple who own the restaurant, the wife is japanese and the husband danish.
    We've eaten there before, the food is good, non-fancy japanese food.
    The curry was just right, not too spicy, but with lots of taste.
    And so cheap!
    You dieting? Me too, always. But on weekends i'll eat anything!