Thursday, August 20, 2009

I miss you, Hank...

First Dollhouse and now Californication.
I hate it when good TV shows end and you know it's gonna be forever until you see your favorite fictional people again.
And David Duchovnys character on Californication, that sexy asshole Hank Moody, has really become a favorite of mine.
I know you can watch most stuff online and the quality isn't that bad, but i still prefer to buy my favorite shows on DVD and watch them on the big(ger) screen.
I don't even know if this show is even on Danish TV, we haven't had TV channels in over two years now (i sound like a recovering addict, and that description isn't too far off, i guess) but waiting a whole week between episodes just wouldn't be possible for me anymore.

I love him more than i love Mulder, there, i said it

Lucifer went to work with us today and he behaved himself most of the time, he only jumped off the couch once and he barked at everything like he normally does.
He's having a hard time doing nothing and not being able to run, but he lets us put frozen edamame beans on his legs and he eats his pills like a little trooper.
And last night he snuck* up on the couch with us, and kept me awake for hours trying to get under the covers while wearing his cone.
It was good to have him back.

*Yeah, it's a word alright...


  1. "sneaked" er da i hvert fald et underligt ord!
    God Lucifer er ved at vende tilbage til sit vidunderlige jeg!

  2. Oh og vi har Californication på dansk tv, Michael har set den og synes den er grineren. Jeg har ikke set den endnu..

  3. Ej, det bliver du nødt til, den er så fed!

  4. Is californication really good? I never got into it because I loved David Duchovny as Mulder and I didn't want to ruin it haha

  5. I really like it.
    I thought the second season started out kinda week, but it got better fast and i got completely addicted.
    He's so good and it has that snappy dialog i love so much!