Friday, July 31, 2009

Hats with a side of bile

I still haven't gotten my trusty mannequin a new sorry-i-burned-your-head wig, but i'm gonna, i swear.
Until then i'm letting her borrow some of my bling, and i think she likes it.
Here's a couple of new pieces i finished, one headband style and one straight up fascinator.

Big ass flower i bought in California and some sweet vintage lace
Really big
Pretty fall colors

Some of you may know this about me, but i'm sure most of you don't: i really, really hate the whole rockabilly/psychobilly/tattooed chick look.
You know the one i'm talking about, right?
Hate it.
Whenever i go to a convention, Ink and Iron in particular, or tattoo related event, i make damn sure to dress the opposite of that.
Not that i'd dress like that at home, but i double check for faux vintage 50's items, leopard print, perfectly coiffed bangs, pencil skirts and anything with skulls on it.
I just really can't stand that everyone has to look the same, that being tattooed somehow means dressing the same, liking the same things and in some peoples cases, even having the same friggin tattoos.
A uniform is a uniform is a uniform.
And i hate uniforms.

So i kinda surprised myself by making this very classic red/leopard/net fascinator.
I can't explain why i did it, maybe i felt like taking the look back?
Cause i may hate what the look has become, but i still love the era it's inspired by and all the fabulous and glamorous ladies who rocked it back then.

Rose, leaves and a single feather
Dotted netting over red felt
Base is lined with fuzzy leopard fabric and stays on with a comb

Hope you like them, and i hope i'll make lots more when i go to the country tomorrow (insert "weeee" sound here).


  1. they look sweet! good work! i hear u about the uniform issue, i can´t stand that either!

  2. i never knew just how much you hated the rockabilly look. i guess i've never really given much thought to that particular look as i'm never around them like you obviously are. you are right, though. those girls somehow manage to look the same usually with the jet-black hair.

    hey, you've been quite creative lately, haven't you? all these pieces are so so beautiful.

  3. Thanks Lisa, i'm pretty happy with them too.
    Or you know, sort of.
    And i'm happy it's not just me!

    Ai, i guess my opinion isn't the most popular one among a lot of the people in this business, and maybe i haven't had a reason to write about it before?
    I don't think i'd hate it quite as much if i didn't go to conventions and overdose on that look several times a year.
    But i do have a friend who does the exact same thing as me when she packs for a convention, it's pretty funny!

    I have been getting a lot more done in this last week, cause we've had time off for once.
    When it's busy at the shop and we come home late, it's like there's nothing left.
    You know the feeling right?

  4. love the hats! they are wonderful! xxx