Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh Admiral, it really was a trap...

A trap set by me and uhm, physics, i guess.
He's ok though, only lost a few tentacles when i moved him off the head.
Hadn't hardened at all by the way.
So, now we know how not to do it, i hope my next attempt will be more successful!

Fimo+mannequin head+sun= baaaad idea
She is sooo pissed at me, but maybe i'll make it all better by painting an octopus on it (wouldn't you like that Coralene?)

I put a tin foil base on the head, hopefully strong enough to hold the shape in the oven.
Guess i should have done that from the beginning.
Ah well, live and learn, i'll give you an update tomorrow.


  1. maybe clingfilm/plastic wrap AND oil next time? xxx

  2. And the craft store I always go to they have some kind of fimo that hardens without an oven. I've used it before and it worked fine (Our oven is way too hot and dumb)

  3. this post seriously made me laugh. i'm sorry, but the lady mannequin looks hilarious.

  4. DOH, I am super duper sorry that things went so badly :( My goal was to try and help and have you be successful...I am very sorry that it did not happen that way.

  5. Haha, it's totally fine, the idea was good!

    And Ai, it's very much allowed to laugh at both my failed craft attemts and inanimate objects with chemical burns on their heads!

    My mannequin is still mad at me, but like i told her, she does wear a wig most of the time, so who's gonna notice, right?
    Maybe i'll buy her a new wig, just to make things right...

  6. Ha! Poor gal, maybe Allan can paint a fancy octopus on her head :) It's still a great idea though, don't give up!