Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bonsai, not a bonsai

I think i already knew when i bought this tree, that i was never gonna be a great bonsai master.
But i hadn't expected to suck this much.
First i killed the tree.
I don't know how i did it, maybe it was the stress of moving from Ikea to my window, or maybe i didn't water it enough, but the thing died within days.

Then all of a sudden it started sprouting leaves again, like crazy actually.
And now it's looking pretty good, but that has led me to a whole new problem: i can't bring myself to cut it!
The art of bonsai requires that you shape the plant into a certain shape, so it looks like a fancy miniature tree, but that means cutting off healthy leaves and i just can't do that.
I suck at this.

Stupid happy plant
Maybe some day i'll learn
The tiny oak is doing good
... and it got a little friend too!
My sunflowers were getting so long that the stems broke the last time i watered them, so i'm trying to get the roots going again

The parsley in the back is doing ok, i think


  1. My mom got the same from ikea (i think) and in the little booklet that came with it, it said it's normal that it loses the leaves at first and they will grow back. I think yours looks good though. I like the shape. The one my mom has looks weird

  2. Lad den dog vokse som den lyster.. Go against accepted knowledge!

  3. Yay Ege-gon! Og yay for ikke at skære i nogen der ikke fortjener det!