Thursday, May 7, 2009


Long day.
Haven't been home much.
Pretty tired now.

We were up early and went out for brunch with Nick.
After food and coffee we went across the street to pick out new glasses for Nick.
Photos will be posted later.
It was tough, shopping for glasses always is, but we found some good ones.
Work was good, i'm getting back into my normal pre-Japan routine of buying supplies, making sure the shop looks ok, sterilizing and all that stuff.
The always awesome Lisa brought cookies for her appointment, yum!
Since it was a short work day, and we don't get many of those, we'd decided to go to Ikea.
My parents are in town and we borrowed their car.
We got a bunch of stuff, mostly of the practical kind, but we didn't get what we came for.
Is there an Ikea curse or something?
I usually love (or love/hate) going there, but it's just no fun to make the trip out there and not even get what you came for.
Dang it.
After Ikea, we made a brief stop at my grandfathers place.
Then, a late dinner with my parents and aunt.

It got pretty late and i'm beat.
Gotta sleep soon.
But first, a quick look at one of the not-so-practical things i got at Ikea

Yes, it's a Swedish Bonsai!


  1. what happend to the shelfs to your shoes? ikea is good, but not so good if the things you wanted is out of stock for some reason. I learned to check their website before I go there. thanks for lettning me practise on my danish.. ;)

  2. yup there's an ikea curse. I always come back with things that I didn't plan to buy haha
    Love the bonsai aaand the daruma doll.

  3. You're welcome! I don't know if my Swedish is any better, but i'm proud of us for at least trying!

    I did check online, and they were there, 22 of them, so that wasn't the problem.
    The thing is that they only work with a closet module, pax or fjeldhätte or blergh or something, so we couldn't just put them up on the wall.
    But the website didn't really mention that, just said they came with brackets (is that the word?) which just turned out to be what i like to call screws.
    So it's my bad, i guess i should have checked it more thoroughly.
    But we did get some other good stuff, so it's ok.
    Now i just gotta work out some other solution for my many shoes...

    I think you're right, Betty, the real curse is buying crap we don't need!
    Much like the h&m curse... damn those cunning Swedes (present company excluded!)

  4. For a minute, I thought you'd bought that daruma at Ikea, too! That would be funny.

  5. Hehe, they do have a lot of weird stuff there, but i didn't see any darumas!!
    Maybe in japanese ikea?