Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wait, it gets better

I haven't had any time to sit down for more than five minutes and do a proper blog post about this weekend, but something happened yesterday and it just can't wait.

We were in LA because the Japanese, who are going back home today, wanted to go shopping and they have no car.
So we spent the day as their tour guides in a city we don't really understand ourselves.
Our first stop was Melrose where Rei wanted to do some vintage shopping.
After a quick stop at a bike shop (Hata) and coffee shop (all of us) we all went in different directions.

In one shop i bought these bracelets and Allan bought a used Metallica t-shirt

Ok, to make the story a little shorter (even though i wanna write every boring little detail) we went into another coffee shop, and while Allan was using the restroom, i spot a celebrity walking by.
Awesome, right?
So i tell Allan when he comes back out that i just saw the cute girl with the ukulele from Scrubs walk by.
We were already pretty excited about that, but there's more!

It was almost time to meet back up with the large group of Japanese people we were driving around, but i just wanted to go to one more shop.
While we were browsing in there, talking about how the shop had completely changed since last year, Allan spots the girl again, in the back of the shop.
I tell him we should move closer just to make sure that it's her, and as we're confirming to each other that yes, it is her, and what a good celeb sighting that was, her friend (who i didn't see when they walked by the coffee shop) comes out of the fittingroom.
Allan gasps a little and says something like, "oh my god, did you see..." and then i did see...

Her friend is friggin Amber Benson from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!!
My favorite show, as you probably know by now.
We couldn't believe it.
I'm just gonna say it again, it was Amber Benson, who played Tara on Buffy, and who sings on Once More with Feeling, the musical episode that we listen to, like, at least one a week.

After the awesomeness that went down at the Queen Mary on monday, i'd promised myself, and Allan, that if something like that ever happened to us again, i would just go for it and not hesitate.
So i didn't.
I may have scared the crap out of them, appearing out of nowhere, all giddy, asking if she was really Amber, but she was so nice!
I even showed her my Buffy tattoo (i have always dreamt of showing that to a cast or crew member, i know, such a nerd) and i'm sure she thought i was crazy stalker material, but if she did, she didn't show it.
I was all shaky and may have said a bunch of stupid stuff, but it was still one of the greatest things to ever happen to anyone.
When we were about to take a picture with her, Allan asked Kate Micucci, the ukulele girl, to get in the picture too, and when she got all confused Allan told her that we were big fans of Scrubs too.
It was pretty funny.

If i hadn't been wearing heels we would have been the same height

Allan almost didn't want to take one with them, but now i think he's glad that he did
Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!

Seriously, i never see any celebrities when i'm here, and now this!
They even walked by us after we'd met up with the Japanese down the street and waved at us and wished us a nice trip.
Seriously, nicest and cutest girls ever!

I can't even begin to describe how awesome yesterday and monday was, i just wanna keep playing it over and over in my head so i don't forget it.

In other news, i haven't gotten a good nights sleep since... wednesday and i'm starting to look a little rough.
I also haven't had any time to sit down and blog or answer mails.
Right now i am typing as fast as i can and wondering if i can post this without a spell check (i'm a little OCD about that), cause in five minutes we have to take Rei, Hata and Bikkin to the airport.
This trip is lovely and awesome, but a vacation it ain't!

Ps. I met Amber Benson!!!!


  1. haha you guys are the best. Sometimes i can't stop smiling when i read your posts! Grats on the celeb-spotting-adventure-of-niceness.

    Og hils Allan!

  2. Det er jo waaay cool! Ku I mænge jer med flere celebs?! Det eneste der havde været coolere, var hvis Amber var sammen med SMG. Men okay, måske var det for det bedste, du ville nok få et hjertestop! Glæder mig til at høre om det hele!

  3. no frickin way!!!!

    now i'm EVEN more jealous!

    I'm watching buffy series 4 at the moment, was just thinking how cute amber benson is, and i see your blog!

    lucky lucky amalie!!!! xxx

  4. OMG what an amazing trip and such a cool moment :) I sooo agree wtih Martin, I feel all happy and smiley inside when I read about your adventures and super posts!!

  5. Årh hvad hallo SEJNESS!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Awesome! She's one of my favorite Buffy characters.

  7. Yeah, she's one of my favorites too, and it was definitely surreal!