Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God of Thunder (and Rock 'n Roll)

No, he's not choking me, i'm just really, really excited!
I'm so glad i wore a dress that day!


  1. Han ligner en voks figure.. Men Wow... Wow...

  2. Wow, hvor er han en... kæmpe mand!! Kan godt forstå du er exited, men den der hånd om halsen - gisp!

  3. No way, that's awesome! Is he amazingly tall?? How tall are you? And did you get a new leg tattoo?

  4. He's huge!
    I'm a pretty tiny person, but even compared to a notmal sized person, the man is a tower of awesomeness!

    Fie, han trak mig nærmest ind, det var helt tosset!
    Allan skubbede mig først, fordi han var overbevst om, at han ikke ville kunne sige nej til en pige, og jeg tror han har ret!

    Ps. New tattoo indeed, pictures soon. I think you'll approve!

  5. wow! how amazingly cool :) and yay for new tattoo!!! :) xxx

  6. HOLY freakn OMG...I thought the Buffy/Scrubs post was cool BUT this...OMG.....sooooooo freakn cool :) Deep sigh, yea I am jealous tooooo...but sooo happy for you.

    I was at a concert this past weekend and after one of the shows I ran into the main guy and got to chat him up a bit....I dont know why I didnt ask for a pic with dork that I am, forgot. BUT then the next day he friended me on Facebook, which almost made me pee my pants, it made me feel so cool :) hehehehe

  7. I am at work now, and I laughed out loud! Literally! Where is this!? This is too great. Good for ya! Totally beats the Jacob's Creek dude.

  8. We were checking out from the Queen Mary on monday and as we were walking out, he walked past us.
    I went "was that..." and the this dude came over to us and confirmed it.
    He want upstairs and we wanted to follow, but we had all of our bags with us, but the dude told us he's watch our stuff if we hurried.
    So we ran up the stairs to find him first talking on the phone and then checking into the hotel and we didn't want to interrupt.
    But as soon as he finished i went over (Allan insisted i do it cause he wouldn't be able to say no to a girl!) and apologized for bothering and told him we were huge fans from Denmark and got him to sign our hotel receipt and pose for pictures.
    He was very cool, but nice and even asked were in Denmark we were from and stuff.
    It was amazing!

    But the Jacobs Creek dude was pretty cool too, and definitely more random!!