Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today i decided to give myself half a day off.
Wasn't that nice of me?
I though so and so did Lucifer.

I'd been up early to have brunch with Martin, done all that i needed to do at the shop and the weather was perfect for a walk by the lakes, so i though "why the hell not"?

So i'm home now, trying to build up the energy to so some hat making, or just anything crafty.
Something i've been too busy/tired/lazy to do since we got back from Japan.

Lucifers ears
Me on the sofa in the workroom, i so need a haircut
Lucifer was thrilled to be home get off early, he likes the shop but he loves the apartment

I'll be back later if i actually manage to create something worth blogging about.

Oh, and the nails are still looking pretty good.
I didn't even think they were gonna last this long, cause i'm not exactly gentle with them, but the massive amounts of the gel look topcoat must have made them super strong!
Wonder if i'll even be able to get all that crap off again?


  1. ive been thinking about cutting my hair again... what to do...

  2. Hmmm, i think i'm just gonna trim my bangs and leave the rest to grow.
    Last night i could just about (with the help of a few barrettes) put my hair up, and i was pretty excited about that!
    Also, come fall i may have that pirate scar i need to hide, so longer hair seems like the way to go for now.
    How does your hair look these days?
    Pictures please!!

  3. you'll be able to see it when i post my vegas pics tonight!
    and dino pics too! no facebook for that stuff..

  4. Dino pics!!
    Expect envious comments...