Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday fancies

I have had a very nice and lazy friday.
Basically i've spent the day doing my nails, chatting with Young, who came by the shop to hang out, and eating cake.
Yeah, life is hard, you know?
In my defense, doing my nails took most of the day.

Of course i'd left my camera at home, so i only have toycamera shots from the shop today.
Also, i've noticed that while i have no problem taking pictures of inanimate objects and animals, i often forget to take pictures of the people i hang out with (except maybe Allan and Nick).
I'm gonna have to try and remember to do that more.

This is (some of) the awesome cake Young had baked, the bike in the back room is an old bike i stole from the backyard*, it's been in the shop for a while cause i can't get the lock off, but hopefully Wookie can fix that for me
Lucifer had a good day too, we had a nice walk in the park and there were lots of people in the shop to give him attention
Some of my japanese socks, not from our last trip though
The fruit of my hard labor, fancy nails y'all

Tomorrow we're going for brunch with Nick and later the three of us are gonna go see (oh joy!) Star Trek!
To clarify, i'm not actually a fan of the original series, but i am a huge fan of Next Generation and that's close enough, so i am pretty excited.
For a brief moment i was even thinking of wearing my hot, red Star Trek costume, but i don't wanna embarrass the guys.

Other plans for this weekend include a possible photoshoot, cause Allan needs to play with his new toys, and possibly finishing my tattoo.

I tried to get a few more nail shots after i came home, but it's hard to capture the actual color (they look brown and plain red, but they're more like brown and a deep coral pink)
I wanted them to be even more fancy, but i ran out of bling!

*That came out slightly more criminal than it actually is.
See, i stole it the day before all the unwanted bikes were gonna get picked up and thrown out, so i see it more like adopting an orphan bike.
Sounds nicer too.


  1. omg, amalie, your nails are beautiful!

    im more than a bit jealous! xxx

  2. Det er eddermame godt lavet! Og at højre hånd er ligeså flot som venstre, det er jo helt vildt!
    Og hvad sker der med den brune kulør? Nice!!

  3. Tak for idag!
    Hvem fik lov at spise den sidste kanelgiffel?!

  4. how do the nails work? are the bows appliques and the red and black just polish? or did you paint the bows? they look a little 3D but can't tell from here and am fascinated. zo

  5. -No, i have a red star trek dress like Uhuras complete with a wood carved Starfleet communicator badge and i should stop talking now!

    -Thanks Sam, you should try it, i bet you can get plenty of nail stuff over there!

    -Jeg ved ikke hvad der sker med den brune kulør, jeg bruger faktor 50 og går med store solhatte og shit, det burde ikke kunne ske!

    -Jeg skar den sidste giffel over i en større og mindre del, spiste selv den mindre del, der havde mest snask på, Nick fik den større del og den sidste muffin!
    Og selv tak, håber du kigger forbi til kagedag part 2!

    -The first two coats were just the red polish.
    Then i did the brown tips, also polish but just one layer.
    the bows are japanese nail stickers that i had to cut and adjust a bit, but basically you just put them on your nails and the stay there.
    then i added some sparkly stuff and a whole lot of gel-look top coats to keep it all in place.
    They are very 3D and not practical at all, but fun!

  6. you saved yourself by liking TNG.. the original series is classic!

    i have to go see that movie..

  7. I like the original too, it's just that Next Generation used to be the only thing on TV late at night when i was living in my first apartment and never slept at the same time as the rest of the world, so that became the ST i really got into.

    I never really liked Voyager or DS9.

  8. De er så vilde de negle, altså.
    Hvis der er brownies, så kommer jeg!

  9. all that in such a small space? thanks for telling me how. i'm so impressed by your nails I can barely type. you've got such skill. i need to show a friend of mine; she's gunna flip.

  10. They're stacked like a layer cake and will probably only last a week, but i'll have something pretty to look at for a week.
    Typing isn't that hard, but i've had long nails most of my life, so i'm used to it.
    My mom used to chase me around the house with nail clippers when i was a kid, and i would just scream and hide until she gave up!

  11. Cutest nails I ever did see!

  12. um, the nails are so awesome. totally worth the time.
    also, i went to see star trek last night and loved it. i'm seeing it again next week!
    i was pretty excited before seeing it, even though i knew nothing about star trek because i was always fascinated by trekkies. i admire thier passion. and now i udnerstand why!
    i'm sad you didn't wear your star trek dress. i think you should wear it to work next week. and take pictures of course.