Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to Chinatown

Yesterday Allan had his first of three sessions on his back.
Not first-first, just first on this trip, that is.
Usually when he gets tattooed, i go on sightseeing trips to interesting places.
Last time i went to Sankeien Garden and Kamakura, the time before that i spent a whole day just walking around Yokohama.
But yesterday i felt like doing... nothing.
Allan woke me up 15 minutes before we had to leave, so i think it's fair to say my day didn't start out super awesome.
And i hate getting up early in general.

So, once they got started i took my heavy bag full of books and magazines and headed down Motomachi to a café where i planned on hanging out most of the day.
But i never stick to my plans, do i?
No, i just had to make a quick stop in Chinatown, which of course turned into over two hours of walking around.

A cold, but beautiful, day in Chinatown
Temple prettiness
Your guide for the day
A very well fed street cat
Look at that pretty face!
Who doesn't like food-on-a-stick
More temple prettiness
Grrr, dragon!
One of those things i ate my first time here and swore i'd never get used to!
A very famous ship (apparently) in Yamashita Park and the birds who live on it
So cute
Photo session by the rockstar tree
There are other flowers too!
I did eventually get to the café, had some coffee and read a book.
And Allan's session was a short one (compared to the other ones that is) so we made it home in time to say goodnight to Hata, Skype with Martin and watch some 30 Rock on Ninjavideo before passing out.

I'm not sure what i'm gonna do for his next session...
Maybe another trip to Sankeien Garden, since it was a rainy day in November the last time i was there?


  1. killer sounds like you guys are having wicked times. Hey Amalie, what is Allan getting from the master Shige??

  2. The best time!!
    Allan is getting a huge Kimono wearing fox, from the neck to the back of his knees.
    It's awesome!
    I'll post some pictures on the conspiracy blog when it gets a little more color!

  3. I loves my japanese guide! Jeg føler mig helt kulturel nu!

  4. yay! this makes being at work so my easier...

  5. wow looks great ,nice pix