Monday, November 17, 2008

Arh dang

First week in Japan, when the internet wasn't working, i wrote this really long blog entry about my trip to Kamakura.
It is now nowhere to be found.
I must have turned off the computer without saving or something?
It was very long and kinda fun as far as i remember, so i'm bummed that it's disappeared.
Oh well, you'll just have to enjoy the pictures and imagine me telling you all about it!

From the station i went this way
This also looks pretty in the spring
I watched this fella catch fish for a long time, even made a little movie for Allan
The fuck? I was gonna light a fire right there!
I believe this is from the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
This too
Wishful thinking
After walking for a long time, i hopped on a bus with very small seats
To got see this guy, the Daibutsu at the Kotokuin Temple
I have a feeling this happens a lot therePossible death by German tourist
Gacha-butsu?Allan has this guy on his left thigh
WhoaThis is from the Hasedera Temple, my favorite of the ones i went to that day
I made a movie of these guys too, they were hungry, but i didn't have any foodNice view
So pretty
Allan lasted an impressive 7 hours that day and i got to see some national treasures and ride the train a lot.
Good times.


  1. really great photos and good eye, too!

  2. awesome pictures!!

    doesnt blogger save drafts as you go? it might still be there somewhere... check!!

  3. i went to kamakura in this summer. there is nice beach called yuigahama. wanna live there during summer only:)

  4. Så fine billeder. I wanna go there!

  5. wow looks like a great time

  6. hello miss
    lovely pictures!
    Where did you get those cute socks (legwarmers?) you're wearing in one of the pics allan posted? The blue and white ones with the snowflake pattern..?
    You have fabulous taste in clothes by the way. You should make a style blog entry sometime.

  7. I always think i look like a dork, so thanks a lot!
    I bought the socks in Japan, they have the best winter socks there at the moment, i think i bought 6 or 7 pairs!
    Don't know if you can get them anywhere else though...

    And thanks for the tip Micks, i'll try to go back to Kamakura in the summer some time!

  8. The little men at the hasedura temple, I wonder what they represent. I saw a photo once of many, many little statues of babies at a Japanese temple, similar to those little men, and the baby statues represented miscarried fetuses. I like that. I was thinking of putting one little statue in our backyard to represent our lost embryo (occurred in 2002/2003).

  9. Oh, sorry to hear sbout that.
    Maybe you can buy one of those little fellas next time you're in Japan, they have so many different statues at the temple shops?
    I didn't have anyone to ask, so i'm not sure what the mean, and why there are so many of them...