Thursday, January 29, 2009

Such a good day, this one

My new computer arrived pretty early, so i didn't have to stay at home and wait for the delivery dude till 4 pm.
I haven't really had time to play around with it, but it looks mighty fancy i tell ya.
Almost too fancy...
I'll get used to it, i'm sure.

At the shop we had some time off between clients, so i went to the hobby store and Allan went to his music pusher.
We both got some good stuff and Lucifer got a bonus walk.
And we've been listening to a first draft of the Heroic Anthem Mixtape and it's gonna be epic.
Already is.

Ok, but here's what makes this day extra super great.
We were buying plane tickets for Milan, not a big deal.
But while we were looking at prices, we decided to check out SAS for Japan tickets.
We always fly KLM to Tokyo, but Allan had seen some special deals from SAS that we decided to check out.
Direct flights from Copenhagen to Tokyo with SAS are usually ridiculously expensive, so imagine our surprise when we found two direct tickets for about 2000 kr. less than we usually pay to fly via Amsterdam.
How awesome is that?
So now we're flying to Japan in 11 hours straight instead of 14 with a layover.
Yup, feeling pretty god about that.

Update: As soon as i got home and lay down on the couch, Lucifer threw up on me.
For real, he just went "uargh" right on my arm.
It wasn't much and it was easy to clean, but maybe that's what you get for having good luck with plane tickets?


  1. if all the bad you have to deal with for cheap plane tickets is a little 'uargh' then go with it.


  2. Yup, it was a small price to pay for sure.

  3. If you want more heroic songs, check Stan Bush!!

    Genius. Just genius. Check the synth break in Dare! Wow!