Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wtf weather?

It's just freezing today.
The kind of cold that'll give you instant winter depression the moment you set foot outside.
And as if that wasn't bad enough, our client called and canceled.
She had the flu. Damn epidemic.
So we went back home again.

But we did have an interesting morning with my mother at Inco, kind of like a Costco for businesses.
It was amazing.
And it's so damn close too.
We bought so much food, mostly Japanese stuff, giant bags of organic rice, a great powder chai and some fish for me.
We're gonna get a membership card to that place somehow, and i'm gonna go there, like every saturday for the rest of my life!
Ok, calm down.

So, tonight we ate sushi and watched Hot Rod.
And, inspired by the soundtrack to that movie, we are now working on creating an awesome mixtape (playlist) of Heroic Rock Anthems.
I don't know why we haven't done this before either.
We keep ending up in the 80's though, maybe that was just a slightly more heroic decade?
Anyway, suggestions are welcome.


  1. AAAAaaaaaaaa !! I have suggestions !!! Like maybe Electric Wizard would be Owesome !!!! Hah !! Can't go wrong with them ... No ma-am !!! They are pretty epic !!! Maybe some Clutch too eh !!!

    I miss yall lots and lots !! Hope all is good back home and that both of you are in constant internal mental pain caused from my absence !!! I miss ya and can't wait to hear all your adventures !!!

  2. Hot Rod is a brilliant film! Makes me want to ride bikes over things!

    And the weather in the UK is horrible too! :( i hate it! xxx

  3. "I need a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler; the greatest song ever written.

  4. i never made it all the way through hot rod... maybe ill have to give it another go..

    and the 80s rule. nuff said. they were all that is great music. (ok, for the most part..)

  5. Oh and good call Matt, that one totally made the cut!