Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new favorite place

I am so having a delayed monday today.
It's foggy and cold and it's our first day back at work.
Allan is running late, so it doesn't look like we'll be going home anytime soon.
And it's 8.40 already.

So i guess i'll just sit here, wait for the tubes to dry (that somehow came out wrong?) and post pictures from better and brighter days.

Allan already did a post with pictures from the fleamarket and the awesome Snake Farm, but i'm gonna post mine too dammit.
Even if they're not half as good.

Just look at that... so awesome!
This python was the coolest, it really put on a show for us
Tiny crocodile (or possibly alligator?)
Chickens in trees
We were allowed to hand feed the animals, so me and this tiny deer became good friends
King of the roof
Do i have something stuck in my teeth?
No, seriously dude, check!
Hyenas are adorable
Say cheese
Baby piglets in the petting zoo...
I'll never eat you guys again! Except maybe if you're bacon...

The flea market was awesome too, we found some really cool stuff there, including some cool Mexican artsy things.
More about that later.

Working hard or hardly working buddy?
Uhm, ok then
Another week in Texas and we would have bought hats too


  1. Yay for lama! Hvor er den cool!
    Læste godt Allans blog, og jeg sad og smilede, mens jeg forestillede mig dig, løbe fra det ene dyr til det andet, helt vild, og med et stort smil på dit ansigt!
    Ikke tosset.

  2. i want a hyena and i would call it steve! they are so cute!!!! xxx

  3. Jeg var fuldstændig balstyrisk! Der er nok ikke noget der gør mig gladere end mange dyr samlet på et sted!

    Steve is not a bad name for a hyena.
    I'll call mine Wesley i think.
    Oh, and congrats on the new job!

  4. maybe steve and wesley can have play dates! i'll bring him to cph with me!

    and thankyou! i'm so happy and its fun! i get to manage the shop myspace now...*sigh* haha. i'll have to add you and alan! xxx

  5. Totalt LOL post! Især det med tænderne.
    Tak for det :)

  6. Lamaer er afgjort i top 10 over verdens sjoveste dyr. Love it!

    Og pas nu på med de tubes. Du skulle nødig tørre helt ud, høhøh.