Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd

It's raining.
And it's really friggin cold too.
I almost didn't go to work, but i actually have a lot to do today.
And Allan is in a bad mood too, so i came mostly to keep him company.
Not sure i'm helping much though.

This guy came in today looking for work or an apprenticeship.
He didn't have a portfolio with him. Turns out he didn't have one at all.
"But i have a camera with pictures of some tattoos i did on my friends"!
Yeah, when was the last time you showed up at a job interview with nothing except some grainy pictures of your resume, and expected people to hire you based on just that?
Allan gave him some advice on how to build a good portfolio and we wished him luck.

Ps. Todays calendar gift was underwear, and while it wasn't all that dirty, i still don't think it's entirely blog appropriate.
Instead, here's a picture of some capybaras:


  1. "Allan gave him some advice on how to build a good portfolio and we wished him luck." That's actually super gracious and nice--best thing the kid/guy could hear right now. (and good call on the undies, I think, although i think some of your *male* followers may disagree;) this might cheer you up. makes me laugh over and over. listen to the words....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmDTSQtK20c :) zo

  2. Male readers... or just Allan!

    It's weird with dudes like the one who was in today, cause he wasn't really super serious, so in our opinion he shouldn't be tattooing at all.
    Especially not at home, on his friends without the proper training or equipment.
    But you if you tell someone that, they might get all defensive and decide they don't need to work at a shop at all.
    So i think it's better to be kinda supportive, and maybe he'll use the advise and get an apprenticeship at a decent shop some day.
    But let's face it, it's not likely.

    Thanks for the link, i saw that episode before, good stuff!

  3. defensive or not, that guy would hear exactly how he is going about it all wrong if he did that here... there are so so many people wanting to tattoo here, and if you are not serious about it, then no way do you stand a chance.

    at the very least have a portfolio of your own art to show.

    anyways, im going to head over to the hospital now and see if they'll let me train to be a doctor.. i have some pictures of some stitches i did on a friend...

  4. ps yay for cute little critters!!!

  5. You would have gotten a kick out of this dude.
    He was like, "i tried at *name of shop in cph* but they were closed". Like he was just gonna do the rounds once and if they were closed, their loss!
    And way to make us feel special, he was basically saying he'd work with whoever would take him.
    He didn't even know who Allan or Nick was. Not that everyone has to know, but if this is the business you wanna be in, do a little research!
    He just didn't know any better.

    Ps, They're not so little, capybaras are the worlds largest rodents. Yup!

  6. so... he didnt even know if Allan or Nick were good tattooers?.. just that they tattooed?... cause, you know, you wouldnt want to do any research and be apprecticed by someone *good* or anything... just anybody so that you are actually allowed to tattoo...

    not that that has stopped him apparently.. maybe he should just bite the bullet and open his own shop.

    i kid! and i dread that that happens on a regular basis anyways...

  7. "Adult capybaras may grow to 130 centimetres (4.3 ft), and weigh up to 65 kg (140 lb)."

    holy crap! youre not kidding! thats huge!!!

    i could put a saddle on one and ride it no?

  8. Haha, now i have a mental image of you riding a capybara to work!
    That'd be AWESOME!

    Ps. We're blog chatting!
    I can't log in to the stupid im thingie today.

  9. Sådan en røvbanan, Holy moly!!
    Man må bukke sig i støvet for din husbonds ekstreme diplomatiske evner OG for hans gode smag i pakkekalenderpakker!!

  10. when i saw december 2nd and a picture of a caybara, i though allan had got you one as your present of the day!

    that would have been frickin' sweet! x

  11. Oh, i desperately want one, they're amazing!
    Haha, Lucifer would freak!

  12. EEEkk! Now I am thinking of little Lucifer, either shrinking in fear (or) baring his little teeth like a killer!

  13. we could ride our capybaras together around cph.. and you can have a basket for lucifer to ride in....

  14. It will be glorious!!
    We will finally get the respect we deserve... and fear. That too.

  15. i saw a picture of capybaras dipping themselves in onsen. they looked really happy.