Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is unusual

This yellow cemetary wall on Nørrebrogade in Cph, always looks more or less like this.
But now they've painted it back to yellow. That's not the unusual part. They do that quite often.
The unusual thing is that it's looked like this for more than a couple of days now.
I took this picture on monday and when i drove by today it was still clean. Not a tag, not even a tiny little scribble.
Is everyone on vacation or have we all of a sudden started to respect public property?
I didn't get the memo.

Update: The lovely Flo has just brought to my attention that the city of Copenhagen now cleans this wall every day. Every day! So i guess people didn't change after all.

Ps. I went out to the old apartment today to show it to some dude, that's why i was on Nørrebro.
Someone needs to buy it already, i'm tired of nodding and smiling and going "yes, there's storage space in the attic".
And i'm tired of people who have no intention of buying anything, dragging me all the way out there, and wasting my time. Grr.

Pps. The back yard looked awesome, if i didn't have a place to live, i'd buy it.


  1. Well ... All the taggers are adults now , Malle !! They don't tag anymore ! They have jobs at TDC and got their childish tattoos sown over !!

  2. Ah, that makes perfect sense.
    Thanks for the comment-memo!

  3. Faktisk er dealen, at kommunen renser muren hver eneste dag nu. No rest for the wicked. De er tossede. Men det er nu en meget pæn mur.

  4. Hver dag!!??
    Det er lidt tosset.
    Men ja, den er ret fin når den bare er gul.