Friday, May 23, 2008

It's furniture week on the untitled blog!

So, last weekend i bought some awesome new (old) chairs.

And this wednesday my parents called and asked if they should drop by with a dresser from their summerhouse. They said they'd get there at two, which in my-parents-time means three-ish.

And a little after three they came with this lovely piece of furniture goodness.
While my last purchase was from circa 1960's this one is more like 1860's. Or 1880's, but still, pretty damn old.
It was in the house my dad grew up in, i like furniture with a history.

I still need to polish it a bit, but already i love it. It fits a lot of my creative crap, tools for making jewelry, hats, all sorts of stuff. And a lot of my fabric too.

And as if that wasn't enough, they brought a bonus piece. I have no idea what you call this thing, it has no purpose, and many at the same time.
The fabric will need to be replaced eventually.

There was only one empty corner in the apartment, and it fit there. Phew.

Getting new stuff makes me happy. I'm shallow that way.


  1. pretty nice stuff (old)!
    the corner looks much better now !!!
    :-D (hmm, but i´m not shure, what is it? a mirror, or a seat of the pope from the middleage ?!?!)