Sunday, May 18, 2008

The yellowpants experience, coming to you LIVE from my new chair!!

Here's yet another reason why living here beats living in NV: spontaneous antique shopping on a lazy saturday.

We were just taking the dog for a walk and going to the antique shop across the street to look at a new sofa for the shop (maybe we'll get it, have to see if Nick likes it first.)

And there on the street, in the bright sunshine, were two beautiful, old, danish dining room chairs. Can't say for sure when they're from, fifties, sixties?

I fell in love and we bought them right away. I almost forgot to ask Allan if he liked them, i was so sure they were meant to be mine.

There are only two, so i didn't have to get rid of my old chairs. I'm strangely attached to them even though they're falling apart.

I've cleaned them up a bit and now they're just looking like they were always here. They really tie the room together, as the Dude would say.

And now i'm sitting here, blogging in one. Actually using the room i don't use as much as i'd like to. The chairs are gonna change all that. Good chairs can do that.


  1. Wow de er så flotte!!! Dem kan jeg godt forstå du bare måtte eje!


  2. very beautiful danish-looking chairs!
    by the way, do you hang your laundry to dry? or do people in denmark in general just use dryers (machines)? personally i love hanging my laundry to dry because it's more friendly in many ways.

  3. WOW! Jeg har en, der er fuldstndig magen til, bare med blåt betræk. Den scorede jeg fra mit kontor, dengang jeg forlod Sygeplejersken. Jeg fik den vurderet af dengang, og har fundet mailen frem (den er fra 2004 eller 2005):

    Det der kan siges, er at den er lavet i 1960´erne af den Danske arkitekt Erik Kirkegaard, vurderingen vil være ca. kr. 400.

    Venlig hilsen
    Casper Behrendtzen A/S
    Dynamovej 11

    Så hey - du har lige scoopet 800 kroner op. Tillykke, det er verdens dejligste stol at skrive i. Min trænger dog til en ompolstring, for fyldningen drysser helt vildt...

    Og forresten - ja, du må selvfølgelig gerne låne Tori's bog. Den er faktisk ret sjov, selvom der ikke er så meget 90210 i den som jeg havde håbet.

  4. I always hang my laundry in the livingroom with the window open.
    In the summer i sometime hang it out in the back yard.
    I have a washer, but no dryer. I don't want one either, i like the eco friendly way, and it smells better too.

    Ps. Mmmm, glæder mig til Tori's bog!

  5. Wow what a lucky find! These chairs would be worth a lot of $$ here in America even if they are falling apart. :> Good old Danish furniture never dies!!!!