Thursday, September 1, 2011

Future us

This post, although barely started, i already in danger of becoming one of those "this is what i've been up to lately" posts, and i hate those.
They make me feel like i'm constantly behind schedule and i need to catch up, when really, i don't.
So instead i'll do the opposite; i'll skip ahead.

This weekend marks a special date for me and my husband.
This Saturday, it'll be 10 years since we got out of a rented limo and into a crappy little chapel on the strip in Las Vegas, just the two of us, to get married.
10 whole years.
I remember how we, in the early days of our marriage, used to sit around and fantasize about what it would be like to be married for 10 years, looking forward to it even, and then all of a sudden, it just happened. And here we are.
Well, we're both alive and we're both still happy to be in this marriage, and that's kinda huge.

I never regretted running off to Vegas and having a simple, cheap ceremony.
I was never the type of girl who dreamed of a big wedding, or dreamed of a wedding at all, so being just the two of us suited me just fine.
But the thing about eloping is that you don't get to have a party and celebrate with your friends and family, and although i never missed that, i always promised myself and my people that it would happen sometime.
And that sometime was to be our 10 year anniversary.
10 years, that's a long time to plan something, that's waaaay in the future. Right?
As it turns out, future-Allan and future-Amalie are as bad at planning ahead as our past selves were.
And 10 years can sneak up on you. Really, they can.

A few days ago we realized that we still hadn't planned anything. And that we didn't have room in our apartment for a whole lot of people. And it was too cold outside to have a party there.
And so, we did it again.
We decided to run.
We bought a cheap trip to Prague. Just the two of us.*
We'll only have one full day there, but we plan to just walk and walk and explore and have fun.
The perfect way to celebrate a marriage that started with two kids, alone in a new city.

Lately i've been sewing till my fingers bled (literally, i got blood on a white rose!)**

I was planning on bringing this awesome, old instamatic camera i found in my grandpas apartment to Prague with me, but it turns out you can get neither film nor batteries for this camera anymore.
And after Sweden, i really feel like taking less digital and more analog photos.
So i'll probably borrow Allan's Lomo for this trip.
That means it'll be a while longer before i can share Prague photos with you, but as always, just go to my instagram feed if you wanna see what i'm up to.

*I feel bad about leaving my Prague Ratter at home, and flying off to his country of origin without him... but i'll see if i can find a nice Prazsky souvenir for him there.

**I finished the piece i've been working on yesterday, but i can't share cause it's for someone, and she should see it first. But soon, i hope!