Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweden in analog

I've been bringing my pink Holga with me on vacations for a while now, mostly Bisserup actually, but to Sweden too when we went there a few weeks ago.
But unlike my husband, who's on a first name basis with everyone down at the photo shop, i have a a tendency to forget to get my films developed.
But after taking a bunch of pictures of the kids in Sweden, i got curious to see how they turned out.
And of course there was already film in the camera, and a few others lying around too, so now i have, like, three or four developed films!

A large portion of the pictures are crap, as usual, but there must be something magical in the air in Sweden, cause most of the pictures i took there, with my notoriously difficult camera, actually turned out pretty good.
I haven't uploaded them all, obviously, as there were shit ones too, but a few good ones, once in a while, is really all i need.

No photoshop was used, apart from resizing, which is ok, right?
I even resisted the urge to crop them, and that was hard.

Anyway, here they are, hope you like them.

The magical lake

Allan and a pine tree

Someone can't swim yet

Sweet boys

The moose had somehow rubbed off most of the pine needles

The woods

Yonas in the sky

The house

Another one

Double exposure goodness


 Should we jump?




I must have let Allan or William play with my camera for this one

Seriously though, these are pretty good, right?
The Bisserup ones from this summer and last summer aren't nearly as nice, but i'll be posting them soon anyway.