Saturday, August 6, 2011

Magical Sweden

So, as mentioned in my previous (rather gloomy) post, we went to Sweden on Tuesday.
It was a rather short trip, we went back Wednesday night, but coming home, it felt like we'd been gone for a week.
It was like getting time a whole weeks worth of vacation time in a day and a half!
We had an awesome trip.
Magical, fun and relaxing.

Crossing the bridge between out two great nations (ha!)

Jean-Luc survived, but he's picked up some new strange noises and habits... worrisome to say the least

The house, they'd bought it fully furnished and done a lot of work on it already, and it looked great

Frk. Larsen had become a real country cat; killing mice and losing weight, and she was unusually friendly too!
After getting a tour of the house, we headed into the woods and straight for the lake

 It was even more amazing than expected; clear and deep... almost unreal

 William wasn't exactly born a nature lover, but he's getting the hang of it

He jumped fearlessly into the deep several times

Allan didn't until day two

Moss... good god, i friggin love moss

And mushrooms

Accidental self portrait while taking mushroom pictures

This little guy loves being photographed, and he was practically ecstatic to find that the iphone has a front camera  

The guys playing before dinner

Get off my porch!

... or else....

The tiger again

Swedish caterpillar

The snail meets snail shot, a classic here on the untitled blog

After dinner, Rasmus built a fire

My favorite summer shoes (two years in a row now) and some extra thick socks

We made popcorn over the fire, our first time ever doing that

They were delish!

At night us grown ups talked in the living room, while Larsen guarded the sleeping children

The next day brought more wonderful weather, perfect for playing cards on the porch

 We also helped Rasmus build a work table for his shed, while Birgitte picked raspberries

 Me and the boys went to the lake ahead of the others to get our swim on (we agreed that we'd waited patiently long enough) and take more pictures

On our way there we saw beautiful Swedish deer (i think maybe they're called fallow deer?), a crane so big it made me yell "look Allan, an ostrich!" (sadly, not kidding), and soaring predatory birds.
While there we saw toads, snails and the most amazing turquoise dragonfly.
On the way home we saw more deer, this time even closer, and about ten cows chasing a fox out of their field. I couldn't believe it either!

It was pretty wonderful to hang with family, relax and eat good food, swim (most importantly!) and play with the kids.
I hope Jean-Luc survives long enough for us to take a fall trip up there too.

I shot almost a whole film with my pink Holga, so expect more Sweden pictures soon.
If they're any good, that is.